This is a website about fishing and tuna fishing in particular.  You may enjoy fishing for the thrill of the catch or for the taste of a fish fresh from the ocean or both.   Whatever your interest may be, this website aims to tell you about tuna fish and the best and most effective ways to catch them. This website covers equipment, how to make your own lures, the best times to fish and much more.   If you’re a beginner there is so much for you to learn and practice. If you’ve had experience before, this website will refresh your knowledge and with so much information provided, you’re sure to pick up some tips along the way.

Fishing has changed a lot in recent times. Many commercial fishing professionals have gone out of business. Many anglers report a variety of stocks from plentiful to nothing.  Whatever the supply, the magnificent tuna continues to thrive in many places and awaits your skill and patience to land plenty of these stunning fish. Happy casting!

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  1. Baptiste says:

    adam m, July 30, 2012 at 3:33 am My son and I had a 1/2 day great trip. I was a little leery about this beuscae some of the older reviews were a bit rough. We didn’t experience anything but a great day on the ocean. We are already planning our next trip. Everything from the check-in process, to rod rental, to getting on the boat was smooth and courteous. Fred, the captain, was very professional and kept us all informed. The deck hands pretty much handled everything except baiting your hook and holding your rod. (The tied the knots, taught you how to fish, cut the bait, took the fish off your line, detangled any problems you had, kept track of your catch, filleted your fish, etc.) The crew was very busy but never too busy to stop to help you, nor short. In fact, I was very pleased with their attitudes for such a tough job. They were excellent with kids. The captain moved the boat about 4 times trying to find the fish. All-in-all I guess we fished a good 2-3 hours which was plenty for me and my 8-year old boy. We caught 9 fish, 5 keepers, between us, and were pretty pleased with that. Here’s a quick list of our costs. (Since people were mad about that in other reviews)- $10 each rod rental- $15 CA fishing license- $2 for fish bag- $2 for biggest catch buy-in- $1 per fish to fillet- a few bucks for snacks- tip for crewYou can bring your own snacks, non-alcoholic beverages. A couple of the families did that and it was just fine. Also, bring warm clothes appropriate for the time of year. -yelp

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