A Clever Fish

The tuna, unlike its scrombridea cousins, is unique in that it can alter its body temperature. The tuna can burn fat and exercise its muscles which in turn alters the temperature of the fish. Now this gives it a big advantage over other fish and helps the tuna avoid predators.

The tuna can travel quickly, cover great distances and live in a variety of parts of the ocean where water temperatures may vary greatly. The tuna is highly adaptable. Because of its speed and endurance it is able to visit various feeding grounds and reach spawning areas with relative ease thus making it a long-living and abundant fish.

In the tuna family there are eight types of fish:

  • Pacific blue fin tuna
  • Northern blue fin tuna
  • Southern blue fin
  • Albacore tuna
  • Black fin tuna
  • Long tail tuna
  • Big eye tuna
  • Yellow fin tuna

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