Bring the tuna to you

While it is wise to follow the birds and to know the water temperatures etc., it is just as sensible to attract the tuna yourself. In areas in which they are known to feed, place appropriate bait in the water so as to draw the tuna to you.  Chumming is placing meat or blood [known as the chum] in the water so as to attract fish to the area. In areas close to swimmers, chumming is illegal because sharks may be attracted.  In the open sea, chumming is used to entice tuna to an area and is popular with tuna angler who tends to grind up fish stock and sprinkle a line of this chum or bait on the water.  Chumming is used by both sporting and commercial angler.  There was a time when tuna were not interested in dead fish but over time that has changed and the deposited bait often attracts schools of tuna to the area.

Blue fin tuna are the most likely fish to take to chum. However intelligence is also one of their strengths and a blue fin tuna will swim into the line of chum, eat the dead fish and ignore a fresh piece attached to a hook. It’s believed the tuna can tell from the speed of the drifting fish which is the one to consume!  A chum line can contain baited hooks.  The baited hooks will sink below the chum and this method has met with some success. An alternative is to lay out a chum line, allow it to drift away and then repeat the process.  Baited lines can be set at various depths [remember that water temperature factor] using sinkers and floats. The variety of depths of the baited hooks is important and your boat’s sonar readings or your previous experience may indicate fish depths as well.

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