Other indicators to finding tuna

The distance you travel from shore is nearly always a factor. If you are after yellow fin tuna, you’ll need to sail up to 16 kilometers [10 miles] and find water with a temperature in the range of 16-27 Celsius [60-80F]. Then there are the obvious external indicators of birds and dolphins. A feeding frenzy of birds or a pod of dolphins are a string indication of tuna. Remember the yellow fin travel and hunt with dolphins.

A variety of baits are recommended. Trolling live or dead bait including slimy mackerel, pilchards and squid are popular.

You can use various lures and techniques and all of these are described in the next chapter. The different types of tuna favor different types of bait and lures and the ways and means of catching different tuna varies too.

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    Thank you for these tips.Will try them in October when the Yellowfin start coming through.

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