Where Are the Tuna?

You will remember the fact that tuna can alter their body temperature which means they can swim in a variety of areas adapting as the water temperature rises or falls. This may mean they are more difficult to locate.  But studies have been carried out and there are certain facts known about the tuna in so far as how deep they swim and at what water temperatures. This information can assist the angler head in right direction or at least have a plan as opposed to a cast and hope philosophy.  The depths of the fish and the temperature of the water are vital but so too is the time of the day.

During daylight hours, big eye tuna in water temperatures of 8-10C [46-50F] are found in depths of 36—400 meters [1180-1312 feet] but swim much closer to the surface at night.  Yellow fin tuna are found in much warmer waters and are swim at depths ranging from 40 to 230 meters [130-755 feet].  Southern blue fin tuna are found to dive to depths of up to 120 meters [400 feet] at both dusk and dawn. Their dive is rapid but their ascent is gradual.  It is a good thing to study the details of the tuna’s swimming and feeding preferences. Knowing the water temperatures in the areas you plan to fish can be a genuine help in locating schools of tuna. Knowing their habits at different times of day can help you plan your lure selection and casting options.

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    hey – this is fantastic information about catching tuna! i can’t believe that a professional angler is willing the share his tuna fishing secrets with the world!!! thank you C

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