The Palomar Knot

Experts believe the Palomar Knot is the best knot in terms of strength and consistency. It’s used for terminal tackle and is simple and strong. When tied correctly, the Palomar knot retains approximately 85% of the strength of the line.

Steps to create the Palomar knot:

• Take about 6 inches of line and double it
• Pass the line through the eye
• Avoid twisting the line and let the hook hang free, tie an Overland Knot in the double line
• Pull down the end of the loop until it passes completely over the hook
• Create a mono loop knot by pulling both ends of the line
• Do not tighten the line as you make an overhand knot in the end tag
• Insert the end of the line through the hook eye
• Now bring back the end via the same side and wrap it around the standing line three or four times
• Now bring back the tag through the overhand knot and again be sure the entrance is from the exit side
• Lubricate the line
• Tighten the knot by pulling by the hook’s bend and the standing line and at the same time adjusting the size of the final loop
• Trim tag

Fishing line whether replete with hooks, lures etc., should never be deliberately discarded in the water. Fishing line has an extremely long shelf life and is a danger to marine life. Proper and sensible disposal is essential. Do the right thing.

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