The Tuna Knot

This is an improvement on the fisherman’s knot. It’s a double string knot and thus uses almost all of the strength rating given to the line. Double strands of line are used enabling you to choose a lighter line but one which can still be used for larger fish such as tuna.

Steps to create the tuna knot:

• Take about 18 inches of leader and double it
• To the hook eye pass half of the loop
• Hold the loop and the tag ends of the leader between fingers and your palm
• With other hand take the hook and rotate it three times while twisting the line away from the hook
• Keep hold of the loop and then twist the line down towards the hook
• Pass the first loop through the small loop at the hook’s eye
• Lubricate the line
• Tighten the knot by holding the tag and standing ends and pulling on the hook
• With knot seated, pull loop to remove any bulge at base of the knot
• Trim the loop both at the tag end and at the base of the knot
• You will have double strands of line which will reinforce your tuna knot

There is a detailed series of diagrams demonstrating the tuna knot online at

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