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bluefin tuna fishing tips

Just as there are several species of tuna, so too there are several tips which should help anglers catch their particular fish. Remember these are both tried and tested suggestions but are always subject to the variations of fish schools, weather, tide and other matters. You can but try and following these tips will help […]


Tuna Fishing Hot Spots !!!

The oceans of the world provide a wide variety of tuna fishing hotspots for those who have the desire to try the angling luck. Here is a small selection of places where you will have the opportunity to fish like never before. You will have the wonderful memories for life and the photos with the […]


Choosing your tuna fishing lure

The color of your lure is important. Some anglers will tell you that when the fish are in a feeding frenzy the color is irrelevant. But regardless of the activity in the water, the color of your lure can mean more fish or bigger fish. A silver lure is recommended for bright and sunny days. […]