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There are 42.8 million Americans fishing today, tuna are one of the largest species of the deepsea fishing family and are one America’s most popular game fish. The main reason for its popularity is that Tuna fishing is a thrill… The fish itself has personality… It’s aggressive, it’s Intense… It’s simply one of the most wanted species of fish when it comes to Deep Sea Sport Fishing…

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Section 1 – The Mighty Tuna

  • Discover how clever tuna really are
  • The jealously guarded secret of professional anglers – where to find tuna night or day
  • End your wondering – how to choose the right

Section 2 – Tips On Finding Tuna

  • How to discover the art of easily finding the tuna using mother nature
  • The correct way to create a tuna feeding frenzy
  • Quick and easy steps to master the art of trolling for tuna

Section 3 – Which Lures Work Best

  • The A-B-C Formula to selecting the right lure
  • The little known secret to making your lure look alive
  • Are the more expensive lures better than the cheaper ones?

Chapter 4: Tips on Landing Tuna

  • What every angler must know when fishing for Yellow fin Tuna
  • The truth about fishing for Albacore Long Fin Tuna
  • The little known secret boat speed when trolling for Big Eye Tuna
  • The correct way to fish for Southern Blue Fin Tuna
  • Quick and easy steps to catching more Black Fin Tuna
  • 3 facts you must know about Northern Blue Fin Tina
  • End your wondering – How to catch Long Tail Tuna
  • Why almost everything you know about Pacific Blue fin Tuna is wrong

Section 5: The Perfect Knot

  • The absolute best way to tie a knot for tuna
  • No more frustration, discover the 11 steps to the perfect tuna knot

Section 6: The Right Equipment

  • Discover the right size hook to use for your target species
  • The little known secret of shanks – short, regular or long
  • What every angler must know about selecting the right fishing line

Section 7: Deep Sea Tuna Fishing

  • Quick and easy steps to catching the elusive Blue Fin Tuna
  • What every angler must know before fishing for Blue Fin Tuna

Section 8: Tips From The Experts

  • Simple technique to improve technique and strike rate
  • The jealously-guarded secret to finding the tuna
  • The absolute best way to bring the tuna to you
  • How to discover the art to perfect, untangled trolling
  • The little known secret of the bubble trail

Section 9: Tuna fishing Holidays

  • 3 facts you must know about fishing charters
  • The 7 absolute best tuna fishing destinations around the world

Plus Lots, Lots More …

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My book covers almost everything but perhaps you have a question that is specific to your area or the type of tuna fishing you do. Go ahead, ask away! The book is 30+ pages long but if I wrote everything I know about tuna fishing I would have never finished it. So if the answer your looking for isn’t in the book – ask me!

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