Over Fishing

Tuna is definitely one species of fish which has suffered from over fishing. The Northern Bluefin Tuna stocks are believed to be at an all-time low in 2009 simply because of over fishing. This fish is now listed as being in danger and is listed as required protection as a possible endangered species.

How can this be?

Well firstly there is a huge demand for food products with the world’s population continuing to grow and second, the technical expertise of modern commercial fishing brings in vast amounts of fish.

The French government has been an active supporter of providing protection the Northern Bluefin tuna. In the northern Atlantic and the Mediterranean this species of fish is believed to be in serious trouble.

One glaring problem is the lack of policing regarding fishing quotas. It is one thing to place limits on commercial fishing vessels but quite another to check to see if each boat is abiding by the quotas allowed.

Northern Bluefin suffers from the fate of being extremely popular in certain wealthy countries where the tuna is regarded as a delicacy and is much in demand. The fish are attracting record prices thus further encouraging the owners of boats to catch even more of these fish.

As with all flora and fauna which is labeled as potentially at risk of extinction, the decision to do nothing is not an option. Countries surrounding the waters where the Northern Bluefin are known to live must take strong action to stop or seriously reduce the amount of commercial fishing. Stocks are limited and the future of the species is at risk today. Immediate action is required.

Across the globe in the Eastern Pacific area, Columbia is also aware of the critical shortage of tuna stock and has agreed to join other Latin American nations in a ban on tuna fishing for at least two months a year. The fish must be given the opportunity to recover its numbers.

Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna are both at risk and action by all countries involved in the commercial fishing of these species of tuna are rallying to make these bans come into force for the foreseeable years ahead.

These are economic decisions for many nations with tuna being responsible for many millions of dollars in export income for these countries.

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