Tuna Fishing Holidays

For the average angler, tuna fishing is not often an option. Sometimes it is never an option. Because of the distance from shore anglers must often travel in order to catch tuna, having the right boat is essential.

Of course there are some waters where tuna are within reasonable distance of shore but in many cases it can mean sailing many miles from land.

The type of boat required for tuna fishing on the ocean is not your small open runabout used on bays, rivers and when close to shore.

Satellite navigation systems with sonar equipment to aid in the finding of the tuna are all part and parcel of the modern-day vessel. To buy such a boat would test the financial muscle of most hobby anglers.

Of course the professional tuna anglers will have a trawler or a boat with the resources to not only land the fish, but to store them before returning to shore.

That is where a charter hire boat comes into its own. Amateur anglers don’t have the boat or the resources to buy such a boat.

Many anglers will club together to share the hire costs and thus give themselves the opportunity to catch their supper or their trophy. Charter hire businesses attract as many big-game hunters as they do people wanting to land some tuna for their freezer.

Some anglers plan their vacation around a fishing adventure being taken out to catch some mighty tuna. It can be big business and an important part of a country’s tourist trade

If you fancy a holiday with a difference, it may well be worth your while to explore the pre-packaged trips involving charter-boat hire and catching tuna on the high seas.

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