Packaged Tours

If you go to a major city you will tour companies who will guide you around the landmarks. You can travel by bus, private car, and barge or even walk. The guides know all the history of the places and a good one will make your trip exciting even fascinating.

Well the same type of tour can apply to the harbors and oceans of this planet.

Professional fishing experts know the places where the fish are biting. They provide everything; the boat, the meals and beverages, the fishing equipment and even the stories and photos of great success stories about anglers who caught that mighty tuna.

If you have no problems with traveling far and wide, search either online or through your local travel agent. Stipulate that you want to chase tuna. There may well be charter boats fro hire in your own city or state and certainly close to home. Or if you fancy a trip abroad there will be many countries where tuna fishing is a booming tourist business.

In order to get the best possible deal, try and talk to others who have taken the trip you fancy. All the spin from the travel brochures and the web sites will not tell you exactly how it was from the customer’s point of view.

On fishing web sites, on forums about fishing vacations, you can ask for comments on your proposed trip. The truth from a fellow angler can give you the good oil on the best places and the best deals.

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