Choosing your tuna fishing lure

The color of your lure is important. Some anglers will tell you that when the fish are in a feeding frenzy the color is irrelevant. But regardless of the activity in the water, the color of your lure can mean more fish or bigger fish.

A silver lure is recommended for bright and sunny days. Silver is also highly visible so that in clear almost pristine water, a silver lure has a greater chance of being seen by fish even quite a distance away.

You should use a gold lure when the skies are darker and/or when the water is not clear. Gold stands out better in murky water and the sparkle of the color of gold is more likely to lure your fish.

The depth at which the fish are swimming is important. A lure may work really well to a depth of say two meters [6 feet] but once the fish are deeper, it may mean you should change the color of your lure. Don’t be afraid to make notes. List the color of your lure, the depth of your lure, the weather, the water and your results.

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