Tuna Fishing Hot Spots !!!

The oceans of the world provide a wide variety of tuna fishing hotspots for those who have the desire to try the angling luck. Here is a small selection of places where you will have the opportunity to fish like never before. You will have the wonderful memories for life and the photos with the fabulous tuna to prove it.

Bermagui on the south coast of New South Wales Australia is a popular venue. The local waters have produced some of the most consistent tuna catches for many years. In some cases they cater for both experienced anglers and for novices.

Green Harbor in Mass enables you to catch tuna literally off Cape Cod in the New England area of the USA. The trips cater for groups and/or individuals. If fish are kept and sold, a portion of the income is returned to the anglers.

Venice, La., USA once housed a sleepy little port but today it’s the hub of a thriving recreational fishing industry. Marinas line the foreshore and from these are found fishing boats aplenty. Great tuna fishing is found in the ocean at Venice and its reputation is growing by the year.

North Lake Harbor, Prince Edward Island Canada is home to tuna fishing charters where the fish are not the only attraction. The magnificence of the Island’s beauty and the wildlife on land and sea make for an unforgettable experience.

Maryland Tuna Fishing, MD USA is an unusual charter company in that it uses multiple boats sailing from multiple harbors. And as they sail almost every day it is easy to understand how they are so successful. Some of their boats can take up top 20 anglers.

The Sultanate of Oman may not spring to mind as a popular tuna fishing destination but in this beautiful country the fishing offshore is spectacular. Superb boats are available for charter with dolphin and whale watching a bonus to the fishing.

West Cork, Ireland is famous not only for the local hospitality but also for the magnificent tuna fishing offshore. Longfin tuna are in abundance towards the end of summer and in-between the many commercial anglers, amateurs can try their luck in landing some of the magnificent tuna.

There are tuna fishing opportunities in oceans around the world.

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