Tuna Hooks

A hook is a hook is a hook as some poor ignorant angler may have said. Nothing could be further from the truth. And if you wish to catch more tuna, the sooner you learn the truth about and value of the variation in hooks, the better.

There are many aspects to fishing and the right hook plays a vital role in your success. The first two obvious aspects are to consider if you are trolling or bottom fishing and to specify the species of tuna you are after.

If you are trolling for tuna then you allow the boat to move so as to tow the lure or the bait behind. The speed at which the boat travels depends on the type of tuna you are seeking. The recommended speeds are listed in Chapter 4.

If you are bottom fishing for tuna than basically you are dropping the bait over the edge of the stationary boat and hoping for a bite down in the depths.

Then we come to the importance of the right type of hook and the right size of hook. Some anglers get the type of hook right but not the size and other anglers have the right size but the wrong type. Make the correct hook selection.

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