Matching Lines

Hooks go hand in hand with lines. It is wrong to choose a certain hook and not match its characteristics with the right type of line. Many anglers do not realize the connection between the size of the hook and the strength of their line. The right hook when taken by a lively tuna will not penetrate or properly hook the fish unless the line has the matching strength.

It is better to have too thick or too strong a line with your hook than the other way around. A large fish will attack a hook with force and then react accordingly. Make sure the line can withstand that force.

Think of the three things as a total package each important in itself and then as a whole. You have the fish, the hook and the line.

There’s a fine balance here for every tuna angler to consider. Too light a line may still work with a decent sized fish. It will take skill on your behalf but fish have been landed with a line which should have had more thickness and weight.

But the wrong hook usually means disaster. Too small and the strong fish will simply tear away from the hook. If the hook is too large, your light line will not have the strength to support the strong hook and again the fish goes free.

Start from the beginning which is the type of fish you are planning to catch. Remember tuna comes in a wide range of weights and sizes. Then when you have the type of tuna in mind, choose the appropriate hook and line to match.

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