Types of hooks

All hooks have a type of shank be it short, regular or long. There are many classes or types of hooks and here is a sample of the more popular varieties. Again, because tuna can vary widely in size, you are advised to choose the hook size and type according to the species of tuna you are chasing.

Aberdeen. Mainly used by freshwater anglers although they can and are used by saltwater anglers. Primarily used for smaller fish and as such have limited appeal to a tuna angler

Circle. This is a more recent type of hook and one which has been taken up by millions of anglers. Its design helps in both the catch of the fish and then the healthy release. Sporting anglers find this type of hook one of the best. The design means that the fish is often caught in the side of its mouth after which the angler feels a slight bite and can immediately begin to reel in the fish.

O’Shaughnessy. This is a sturdy and strong hook favored by saltwater anglers who enjoy bottom fishing. The strength of the hook means it is less likely to go out of shape and will provide long service with large fish including many varieties of tuna.

Live Bait. Having a shorter shank does create certain problems. It might allow the bait to swim more freely and thus be more attractive but they often become gut hooks where the fish swallows the piece.

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