The Best Lures

Researchers of marine life report that fish are attracted to fish which are alive. They actually prefer an injured fish because that sort is an easy to catch prey. So with the fact that a living lure or a life-like lure is the best way to catch a tuna, how do you make your lure come alive? Rod-twitching is a method which has been used by anglers for centuries. You tweak or twitch the line and the lure moves thus attracting the eye of the fish. Now that’s all well and good if the lure is on or close to the surface but when you are fishing at greater depths for those marvelous big tuna, tweaking your lure may be of little or no effect.

The solution in that case is to use a lifelike lure in the first place. Many are for sale and it would take the average angler a great deal of skill to manufacture one which had the same attributes. Professionals are making lures which are designed to look like a small swimming minnow. The main point is to use a lure which looks like the bait you would be using to catch the tuna. What bait would most likely appeal to the tuna? Once you know that, find a lure which imitates that bait; the more realistic the lure the better.

There are photos and even videos of many lures showing how they look and behave under water. By studying what’s available and reading reviews, you give yourself the best chance to discover the lure or lures which should work for you. The old adage that quality costs certainly applies to lures. The best ones, the most realistic ones usually cost the most. Do you want the best chance to land those tuna? Then consider how important a quality lure is to your fishing.

And just as there are hundreds if not thousands of lures available, so there are outlets from shops, fishing spots and online. In catching your tuna, when it comes to lures you are certainly spoilt for choice.

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  1. Rani says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just like to comment on the interesting advice that i’ve read from your previous article. I’ve been going out trawling tunas for the last couple of weeks, as Nauru is experiencing another “tuna raid”.
    The bust up on the surface during the feeding is so awesome and spectacular.
    I’m not sure if the dolphins are a problem in your country, here they are a nuisance to us fishermen, taking your catch, should it be a tuna, wahoo and anything that swims.
    My mate from Australia was out with me last week, when a dolphin took his catch, and it took him half an hour to reel in his lure.
    During this time the most active lures we used on tunas are halcos and other hard surface rattlers. Most catch are between 10 and 30 kilo’s.

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